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A couple of new features have been added to the match results display page.  This file is created by a .php script originally designed by Allen Aureilo at http://nrg.jvdynamics.com/nrg/.  In the last few days these new features were added with the new .php programming of Brian Gaynor of http://www.oceansidepistol.com/.

Brian integrated his new files into the existing match display file.

One of the new features is a "Score Details" display.  This is a pop up display and shows the details of any stage when you hover your mouse over the "Pts" or "Pen" display of the stage in the match results.

The other new feature is a  CALC  button in the far right column of the results display of a classifier stage.  Clicking on this button will show the shooter how his score stacks up with the National Database.

Also, on classifier stages, a link will be in place that displays to the shooter the stage diagram of that stage.

Of course, if there is no classifier stage in the match, these new features do not display.

You may also click on the shooter's USPSA number (highlighted in blue) and that will take you to that shooter's classification page on the USPSA website.

The neat thing about this new match display setup is the fact that it works if any match results contain the webfile.txt (which has to be uploaded by me).  If the match results contain the regular style .txt files, it will revert to the standard display of match results.  What this means for me as webmaster is no extra work and the links to call match results remain the same.  I will be adding the webfile.txt file to all new match results.  In anticipation of the new files becoming available I have been adding the webfile.txt files since about October of 2009.

Check out the new display and let me know what you think.

The complete match display program will be available to any USPSA Club, compliments of Brian Gaynor.  As soon as he finishes his set-up he will provide me with a link for downloading the new .php files.  The download will be FREE to any USPSA Club.

Thanks for looking.

Jerry M - webmaster