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Some clubs have stopped sending match results for posting on the Area 2 website because they don't know how to import the results into EzWinScore. 

There is information on the Practiscore website that provides information on how to import the results into EzWinScore. 

Please click on this link > https://practiscore.com/blog/using-practiscore-with-ezwinscore/ to learn how. 

I really miss not being able to post match results from many clubs who formerly sent in their results. 

Note:  When using EzWinScore to calculate the match results, make sure the match date noted in the program is the date of the match, NOT the date you are calculating the results.

If you don't want to convert the Practiscore to EzWinScore, please send a link to your match results and I'll be glad to post that.


Jerry M